Is it time to sell my rental property? Maybe not….

As the real estate market here in Central Florida continues to change and housing prices increase, many owners may be considering selling their investment properties that were underwater only a few years ago. Here in Orlando, Clermont, Lake Nona, Metro West and many of the other areas we service for Property Management there has been a modest increase in pricing which can, at first glance, make the option of selling seem appealing. But there are more factors to consider than just “I can sell it for what I owe on it.”

Why? Because the cost of selling it can be higher than most owners realize.

After closing costs and Realtor commissions (often 6%) the cost of selling it can be 10% of the sale price. Add to that what you will in pay capital gains taxes on any profit since investment properties do not qualify for the capital gains tax exclusion. Or, if it is sold at a loss, the IRS will recapture the depreciation you have claimed. All of this can add up to a lot less money than you thought in your pocket, and a hefty tax bill at the end of the year.

The good news is that if you continue to rent your property, there are a variety of expenses you can write off, including repairs, insurance, maintenance, and property management expenses. Add to that a likely return to the 3% a year increase in value of the housing and most owners are better off keeping the house as an investment property, or selling it and using a 1031 exchange to roll the money into other investment properties.

As always, All County Sterling Property Management is here to help!